Call for Papers on the 51st World Earth Day

With the theme of “Cherish the Earth, and Man and Nature Coexist Harmoniously”, the 51st World Earth Day is coming. Focusing on the activity theme, Tianzhushan Geopark Administrative Committee is soliciting article event together with Forestry Bureau of Qianshan City and Tianzhushan Geopark Museum, aiming to arouse the public, especially students, the awareness of protecting the earth and living harmoniously with the nature.

Tianzhushan UGGp Attends the 2020 Annual Conference of Chinese UNESCO Global Geoparks
Pubdate:11/3/2020 TuesdayCategory:Geopark News

From October 27 to 28, the 2020 annual conference of Chinese UNESCO Global Geoparks was held in Guangwushan-Nuoshuihe UGGp. The conference is co-sponsored by National Geoparks Network Center, Global Geoparks Network Office and Bazhong Municipal People's Government, undertaken by Sichuan Guangwushan-Nuoshuihe Global Geopark Administration and co-organized by the regional geological survey team of Sichuan Geological and Mineral Exploration and Development Bureau. Relevant leaders of National Forestry and Grassland Administration, invited representatives from National Geoparks Network Center, representatives from Chinese UNESCO Global Geoparks and candidate UGGps attended the conference. Ms. Jiang Xia, secretary of Tianzhushan scenic area discipline inspection committee, attended this conference.

Representatives of Chinese UNESCO Global Geoparks and candidates shared experiences and seek sustainable development of global geoparks. The conference shared and exchanged the experience of the management and construction, application and revalidation, protection and development of the global geoparks, interpreted the evaluation rules of the global geoparks, analyzed the key criteria of the newly revised self-evaluation table of the global geoparks, and launched discussions on the brand operation of the global geoparks, science popularization and education of nature, etc. At the same time, the conference decided that the annual conference of Chinese UNESCO Global Geoparks in 2021 would be held in Xiangxi Global Geopark, Hunan Province. An exhibition on the achievements of Chinese UNESCO Global Geoparks was also held during the conference.

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