Tianzhushan Is Awarded As 2014 the Best Natural Landscape in China

Recently, China Traveler Conference was held in Lijiang, Yunnan province. Through the conference evaluation, Tianzhushan scenic area was awarded as one of ten 2014 Best Natural Landscapes in China.

China Traveler Conference was sponsored by Ctrip website,and it has been held 5 times since 2009. It is the only national large-scale tourist destination evaluation activity voted by net friends, with great objectivity and authority, which plays an active promotion role in enlarging net tourism and upgrading tourism brand influence.

With the development of internet and mobile internet, online travel agency has become a main channel for tourist sources, the experience and evaluation of tourists has become an important ruler to check the attraction of a tourism destination and service level. The annual evaluation of Ctrip website not only reflects the assessment of net friends to tourism destinations, but also provides reference for travelers.

Chinese Geoparks Photography Contest on “The Most Beautiful Earth’s Impression in China” on World Earth Day
Pubdate:4/1/2017 SaturdayCategory:Geopark News

1. Background and Objectives

In order to commemorate the 48th World Earth Day and respond to the United Nation’s International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, a photography contest called ‘The Most Beautiful Earth’s Impression in China’ is initiated by the Chinese National Geoparks Network Centre. The contest aims at fully displaying the unique and magnificent Earth’s stories provided by Chinese geoparks. It also intends to provide a better understanding and development of the relationship between Human and Earth, strengthens the geopark branding, encourage healthy and sustainable tourism. The public are asked to capture these stories and features of Earth’s evolution and its relationship with the flora and fauna by using their cameras.


2. Theme

“The Most Beautiful Earth’s Impression in China” on World Earth Day

3. Organizer


Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

National Geoparks Network Center

Management Office of Science Popularization Base of Land and Resources

Supporting organizations

Wuhan Geo-Tour Information Technology Limited Company (Geoparker)

Danxiashan UNESCO Global Geopark


4. Important dates

Photo submission: March 28 – April 11, 2017

Polling period: April 12 – April 18, 2017

Result announcement: April 22, 2017


5. Participants

Every geopark tourist and shutterbug


6. Participation

The photography contest welcomes the participation of every geopark visitor. Every visitor has the opportunity to participate and vote.

6.1 Interested visitors are requested to sign up through the ‘Contest Column’ of the official WeChat accounts of their visited geoparks, followed by uploading entries or scanning the QR code of posters to take part in the photography contest.

6.2 All entries will be eventually displayed on the official WeChat account of the Chinese National Geoparks Network Centre (CGN) and then voted by netizens. Voters need to note the WeChat ID number of CGN.

6.3 All selected works will be publicized and displayed on the official WeChat accounts of geoparks on a long-term basis.


7. Requirements

7.1 The picture should comply with the main theme by highlighting the harmonious development between Human and Nature of Chinese geoparks with the consideration of their aesthetic, science popularization and artistic values. There are no requirements on the types of equipment, methods and formats used to take the pictures.

7.2 Entries must reflect the truth and originality of the shooting target. Simple adjustment and cropping are permitted but synthesizing and major modifications through digital technology are strictly prohibited.

7.3 Minimum size of each entry must be greater than 1MB. It can be in JPG format, with metadata preserved (EXIF parameter).

7.4 Each participant must keep the original e-file of the entry for checking and future needs.

7.5 The participant shall assume responsibility of any issues of copyright, liabilities and all incurred legal costs. No previously submitted entries to the other photography contests or published works will be accepted and the participant will be immediately disqualified upon discovery of such violations.

7.6 All entries must be original works. If not, the participant will be immediately disqualified and the organizer reserves the right to take legal actions against him/her.

7.7 Each entry can be in a single picture or a series of pictures of not more than nine. A series of pictures is regarded as one entry. There is no limitation on the number of entries submitted by the participant. Each entry should bear a name and an illustration or story.

7.8 There is no participation fee but the organizer will own the copyrights of the entries for futures uses in publication, exhibition and promotion activities, without paying the remuneration.


8. Selection

8.1 Openness and fairness are the basic principles of the contest. 100 pictures will be selected based on the voting of netizens on WeChat.

8.2 Thirty best pictures will be selected by the organizer

8.3 The organizer will form an assessment team comprising experts to select winners of the first, second, third and honorable prizes.

8.4. The CGN will invite photography experts and geologists to form the assessment team to evaluate all entries and the reserve the final decisions of final selection.

5. Any queries, please contact: 010-68999623


9. Prizes

Two first prizes ($2,000 and certificate)

Three second prizes ($800 and certificate)

Five third prizes ($600 and certificate)

Twenty honorable prizes ($200 and certificate)

Seventy finalists (certificate and trophy)

The copyright of all award-winning works will be owned by the sponsor. The awards list will be published on the official website and WeChat account of the CGN and the website of the management office of Science Popularization Base of Land and Resources. A participant cannot win more than one prize. Award-winning pictures will be displayed on the media platforms of the Chinese National Geoparks Network Center and Geoparker.

All prize-winners will be awarded with two entry tickets to Danxiashan UNESCO Global Geopark and one flight experience offered by Dajiang UAV at the Danxiashan Flight Cultural Experience Center. The prizes are claimable from Danxiashan UNESCO Global Geopark within one year after the release of the results with the presentation of the winners’ ID.


10. Usage of award-winning works

Award-winning works will be used on: official websites and international promotion activities of UNESCO Global Geoparks Network (GGN), Chinese National Geoparks Network Center (CGN), Science Popularization Bases of Ministry of Land and Resources, Geoparker Community and other promotion channels.


11. Other

Wuhan Geo-Tour Information Technology Limited Company (Geoparker) provides full technical support to the contest.

Danxiashan UNESCO Global Geopark provides tickets as awards for the finalists.


Chinese National Geoparks Network Center

Contact persons: Zhiguang Zhang 18911137327 

                 Wenyan Sun 13426027360 

                 Hao Feng 13381157690 

Telephones: 010-68999623010-68999860

Email: cgn@cags.ac.cn

Chinese National Geoparks Network Center

March 28, 2017

Introduction to the sponsor and network technology support of the photography contest

The photography contest is sponsored by CGN. Wuhan Geo-Tour Information Technology Limited Company (Geoparker) sets up exclusive entry registration and exhibition page on the official WeChat accounts of the geoparks and provides the full technical support to cloud storage service as well as the design of posters.


Please contact Geoparker regarding to the technical support associated with the photography contest.


Contacts: Honggang Su

Phone: 133-4983-7177

Email: suhonggang@geoparker.cn

QQ: 128182767

Scan and note the ID account number of the of CGN and submit entries by clicking WeChat!



Service Hotline:(86)400-0556-900

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