Tianzhushan Is Awarded As 2014 the Best Natural Landscape in China

Recently, China Traveler Conference was held in Lijiang, Yunnan province. Through the conference evaluation, Tianzhushan scenic area was awarded as one of ten 2014 Best Natural Landscapes in China.

China Traveler Conference was sponsored by Ctrip website,and it has been held 5 times since 2009. It is the only national large-scale tourist destination evaluation activity voted by net friends, with great objectivity and authority, which plays an active promotion role in enlarging net tourism and upgrading tourism brand influence.

With the development of internet and mobile internet, online travel agency has become a main channel for tourist sources, the experience and evaluation of tourists has become an important ruler to check the attraction of a tourism destination and service level. The annual evaluation of Ctrip website not only reflects the assessment of net friends to tourism destinations, but also provides reference for travelers.

Tianzhushan Geopark Attends The Council Meeting of Adolescents’ Science Education Association of Anqing City
Pubdate:4/4/2018 WednesdayCategory:Geopark News

On March 27, Adolescents’ Science Education Association of Anqing City held the second council meeting of the fifth session. Xu Linghua, deputy president of the municipal science association gave guidance and a speech. Nearly 50 representatives from the science popularization department of the municipal science association attended the meeting.

The meeting deliberated and approved 2017 Work Report of Adolescents’ Science Education Association of Anqing City and 2018 Work Key Points of Adolescents’ Science Education Association of Anqing City, collectively learned the document on Suggestions on Further Strengthening Adolescents’ Science Education Work.

As a national education base of science popularization, Tianzhushan Geopark is endowed with rich education resources of geology, biology and historical culture, and it is a large class for adolescents to make outdoor research and get close to the nature. In recent years, Tianzhushan Geopark continuously improves outdoor interpretation system, cooperates with local schools to hold colorful educational activities of science popularization and makes contributions in cultivating the social responsibility, creative spirit and capacities of adolescents, propelling adolescents’ scientific education to step into a new stage.

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