A Letter to Student

A Letter to Students

Dear friends:

Welcome to Tianzhushan World Geopark. You must have heard of the park. This is a special letter which will surprise you on opening it. When you finish reading, I’m sure you’ll see there’s so much more to Tianzhushan than you realised. The Tianzhushan World Geopark is located at a latitude of 30 °North where many mysterious geological events have occurred. Here, you can enjoy magnificent granite landforms,  of which the caves shaped by rocks breaking down and piling up are the most famous. Exploring them, you can picture the scene of the raging magma intruding the earth’s crust along the cracks 100 million years ago. Also , you can imagine the process of the underground granite rising to the earth’s surface. And you can appreciate nature’s magnificent artwork

There is also the famous Dabieshan ultra-high pressure metamorphic belt. The rocks were buried hundreds of kilometers underground and they recorded the mystery of the earth’s evolution over hundreds of millions of years, which you can now discover.

Tianzhushan is also known as “ A treasure trove of Paleovertebrate fossils” and “ one of the birthplaces of Asian mammals”. A number of vertebrate, reptile and mammal fossils have been found here. Do you know who the ancestors of mice and rabbits are? You can find the answer here.

Tianzhushan is not only rich in magnificent natural landscapes but also in history and culture.

It is the birthplace of Huangmei Opera, The Tale of Seven Fairies, and Beijing Opera. It is where the longest narrative poem Peacocks Flying Southeast and the story of the Qiao Sisters took place. Literati such as Li Bai, Bai Juyi, Su Shi, Wang Anshi, and Huang Tingjian lingered in the beauty of Tianzhushan, and they left over 400 stone inscriptions here, renowned across the province. 

Notable figures such the master of Beijing Opera, Cheng Changgeng, the novelist Zhang Henshui, the queen of acrobatics, Xia Juhua, and Huangmei Opera’s contemporary artist, Han Zaifen all come from here.   

In addition, Doumu pottery can take you back 6000 years. You can appreciate the complexity and rigour of the crafting process and also make some pottery yourself to experience it first hand. Art imitates life and here it even supplants it

I bet you can’t wait to travel around Tianzhushan after finishing this letter. We have also prepared a surprise for you here!


         10 June 2019

Attachment: Special Summer Offer for Students


In order to promote tourism development in Tianzhushan, a Tianzhushan Summer Event will be carried out according the 2019 Summer Promotion Plan.

From 10 June to 31 August, students (postgraduate students included) will get free basic entrance. People under 18 can enjoy free basic entrance upon showing their family book. Students over the age of 18 can enjoy free basic entrance upon presentation of a student card.

             Anhui Tianzhushan Tourism Development Ltd.

5 June 2019

The Inheritance and Development of Ancient Doumu Pottery in Tianzhushan UNESCO Global Geopark
Pubdate:3/21/2019 ThursdayCategory:Geopark News

Tianzhushan UNESCO Global Geopark embraces not only picturesque natural landscape, but also profound culture. As one of the important vehicles of Tianzhushan cultural inheritance and its display, Ancient Doumu Pottery is the essence of time and a crystallization of wisdom, becoming a witness to history as well as an important cultural resource. In 2008, the Doumu Pottery production process was listed as provincial intangible cultural heritage.

Tianzhushan UNESCO Global Geopark area has a long history of pottery production. Doumu Pottery has a complicated production process, including selecting delicate and pure yellow clay as raw materials, going through a total number of 14 steps, such as hand-washing, casting, drying, finishing, calendaring, painting, sculpture and so on, which lasts for 25 days. There are more than 40 kinds of ceramic technologies, which combine practicability, ornamental value and usability, fully reflecting the creativity of folk pottery craft.

Ancient Doumu Pottery has held colorful art exchange and cultural experience activities and added more creative inspiration into pottery making, which has helped to provide a broader platform for the dynamic inheritance and innovative development of intangible culture heritage, open a brand new window for Tianzhushan Geopark to expand cultural communication and cooperation and offers a favorable opportunity for Tianzhushan to enhance its influence and reputation.

With the integration of culture and tourism, Ancient Doumu Pottery has developed study tours to welcome more and more children, tourists and artists, and intangible inheritance base and education practice base settle down here. This six thousand year old craft has thrived under the combination of production, study, research and tourism. At present, tourists who come to Tianzhushan not only enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, but also come to the dragon kiln to seek the most original technology and learn history.

With the development of society, Ancient Doumu Pottery artists constantly continue to innovate and cooperate with Anqing Normal University and Anhui Jianzhu University on the basis of keeping the core intangible technology, to develop more than 30 tourism commodities, including tableware, tea set, ancient musical instrument and pottery flute. Ancient Doumu Pottery has won consumers’ recognition and praise with novelty features and outstanding environmental protection quality.

Doumu Pottery always sells well both at home and abroad, which is conducive to the economic development, farmers’ income and labor employment with remarkable social and economic benefits. Ancient Doumu Pottery artist are committed to their crafts continued promotion around the world.

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