Qianshan No. 3 Middle School
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Located in Limin Village, Meicheng Town, Qianshan City, this is the biggest junior middle school in Qianshan. The school, which teaches according to advanced concepts and standard regulations, has achieved important results. Founded in 1969, it was then named Qianshan Limin Junior School; in 1979, its name was changed to Qianshan Meicheng Limin Junior School; in 2005, it was named Qianshan Meicheng Central School; in 2006, it began to be directly managed by Qianshan government and was named Qianshan Di San Zhong Xue. The school is now equipped with high-quality infrastructure facilities. With an excellent environment and great teaching buildings, it has become an ideal location for students to acquire knowledge.


Panoramic View of the Campus

Activity Center

New Teaching Building

In May 2015, the school worked together with Tianzhushan Global Geopark and carried out a one-day study tour. By visiting the park, attending science education lectures and learning from popular science materials, students can know more about their hometown and the park. This kind of activity can spark students interests in geoscience and their love for nature and the earth.


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