Tianzhushan Central Primary School
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     Tianzhushan Central Primary School is located at the foot of the Tianzhu Mountain “ancient southern mountain” which is a state-level scenic area and a national forest park. The school is adjacent to Sanzu Temple, the birthplace of Zen, and faces the Qian River. Nestled below Tianzhu Mountain, it has very beautiful scenery.


     The school was originally a small-scale rural school with very poor conditions. From 1993 to 1996, it received a donation of 549.9 thousand yuan from Mr. Gu Qiqing of Hong Kong Ancient Oriental Culture Research Association, and became the first Primary School founded by private donations in the county.


     At present, the campus covers an area of 8868m2 with a floor area of 2164m2. The school is the central primary school in the county and one of the best in Qianshan.



     On November 10, 2014, led by Guo Sheng, director of Tianzhu Global Geopark Administration Committee, ten experts from the committee came to Tianzhushan Central Primary school to conduct field research on the development of the school. 

     Researcher Tao Kuiyuan from Nanjing Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources asked the school to compile a textbook about the geopark, organize composition competitions and produce publicity manuals for the geopark; Professor Cui Zhjiu from Nanjing Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources felt that children in the mountainous area would be suited to carrying out geological research projects, and that the school should therefore pay special attention to fostering their interest in geological work;  Carlos Carvalho from Portugal Naturtejo Geopark hoped that the children would be commentators of the park themselves and produce their own paintings or poems on the hometown scenery which could be compiled into a book; Professor Liu Bangli of Zhengzhou University hoped that children could use simple English to introduce the landscape of their hometown and called on them to be little guards to protect the geopark; Professor Zhang Tianyi from Land Resources and Scientific Research Institute of Henan Province appreciated the high level composition competition in the school and hoped that a publicity video where children play the central role could be made. He also expressed the wish for international cooperation with  global geoparks to be strengthened so as to broaden the children's horizons; Researcher Xie Youyu from Geographical Science and Resources Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chief Engineer Li Zhongdong from Geophysical Prospecting Team of Sichuan Geology and Mineral Resources Bureau, and Designer Quanli suggested that the school could design courses to help the children learn more about the geopark. Doctor Xu Kejian from the China University of Geosciences, who is also the leader of the Tianzhushan Global Geopark observation group, presented some cases of successful co-operation between geoparks at home and abroad, and said that her team was willing to conduct long-term cooperation with the school to bring successful practices from other parts of the world to Tianzhu Mountain.



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