Qianshan Wolong Ecological Agricultural Development Park
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With convenient transport Wolong Ecological Agricultural Development Park is located 29 km away from Qianshan County and about 200 meters from Longwo Cableway Station in the Western Gate of Tianzhu Mountain. The eco-park has utilized its prominent ecological resources of mountains and trees to develop organic mountain vegetable crops and to farm cold water fish  in addition to creating a leisure center in the Southern Gate of Tianzhu Mountain. Visitors can enjoy natural food and fully relax at the eco-park.

The aim of building the eco-park is to stimulate the development of the local tourism economy. Since its establishment in November 2008, it has created employment for over 40 people around the village. With its excellent service and management, it has been successively rated as “Four-star Agricola in 2010” and “Five-star Agricola in 2011” by Anhui Provincial Tourism Administration and “2011—2012 Integrity Unit at the County Level” by the  Customers’ Association of Qianshan County.

With an elevation of 720 meters, the eco-park has four distinct seasons, a moderate climate, sufficient sunshine, adequate rainfall and refreshing autumn weather. The average annual temperature is 11.9 and the highest temperature in summer is 27. With the average temperature of 20 in July, the weather is rarely hot. Surrounded by beautiful ecological forest and various species of animals and plants, tourists can also see Tianzhu Peak, Flying Peak and Longwo Ecological Tea garden at a distance. Twenty mu organic vegetables and 10 mu old red rice are  grown in the park, and there are over a hundred goats raised here. Covering an area of 1000 square meters, the high mountain pond  farms a considerable number of fish, including sturgeons as well as giant salamanders, making the pond not only entertaining, but also a source of the area's ecological farm dishes. Tourists can enjoy pure mountain delicacies, taste authentic farm dishes and participate in the planting and harvesting of vegetables.

The present construction scale is as follows: 10 mu leisure farm, several forest cabin villas which cover an area of 1000 square meters; comprehensive reception center which covers an area of 1200 square meters, the restaurant which can accommodate 70 people at the same time; small conference room (for 40 people); 48 mid-range guest rooms; eco-parking lots of 400 square meters; and the 5000-meter-long Longshu river valley tourist walkway.


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