Sanzu Temple
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Boasting a history of over 1500 years, Sanzu Temple was very important to emperors of different dynasties. It was founded by Baozhi, a chan master in the Southern Dynasties. In the Sui Dynasty, Sanzu, a Zen master came here to impart Buddhism and handed down his cause to Sizu Daoxin, hence, the name. Sanzu Temple plays an important role in the history of Buddhism development. In 1983, it was approved as a major temple.

The stone guardrails around the pond in the front are made of marble. On the top columns stand 200 vivid stone lions with different countenances. On the stone rail are carved dragons, plum flowers, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemums. Buddhist believers release captured fish and turtles into the pond, which is in accordance with Buddhist sympathy.  



Location: Fengxingshan Mountain to the south of Tianzhushan, Qianshan

Price:RMB 10


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