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Establishing and Perfecting Geoconservation Institution

The geopark is protected by law, strictly observes the Regulations on Geoconservation, Fossils Conservation Ordinances, National Development Priority Zones Planning (National geoparks belong to the prohibited development zones), National Geopark Construction Standards, etc. In addition, Qianshan County Government formulated the Measures for Administration of Tianzhushan Geopark Geological Heritage Protection and implemented it, thus reinforcing the geoconservation.

2.2 Scientifically Formulate Planning

Tianzhushan Geopark has revised the Planning on Tianzhushan Global Geopark which divides the geopark into four levels of protected areas: special protected area, first grade protected area, second grade protected area, and third grade protected area, explicitly stipulating the control requirement and the protection measures for each protected area, Any constructing actives which are not in conformity with the protection function, any exploitation or mining activities shall be prohibited in the protected areas.The geopark has formulated The Protection Planning on the Paleocene Mammalian Fossil Sites in Tianzhushan Global Geopark to protect and facilitated the protection, control and scientific utilization of the valuable fossi

Left: Symposium on Protection Planning on the Paleocene Mammalian Fossil Sites

Right: Seeking input on the Planning on Tianzhushan Global Geopark


2.3 Strengthening Protection, Promotion and Education

Tianzhushan Geopark has employed and trained more rangers, strengthened administrative enforcement, dealt with illegal activities of damaging resources or environment, and recruited volunteers to protect the geosites in the communities. Tianzhushan Geopark has raised public awareness about geoconservation through guides, interpretation, outdoor display, media and different educational activities on “World Environment Day”, “Earth Day”, and “Science Popularization Week”, etc.

Tianzhushan Geopark has been publicizing the importance and ways of geoheritage protection and enhancing public awareness on geoconservation through guides’ explanation, outdoor display, media publicity and                          various theme publicity and education activities such as “World Environment Day”, “Earth Day”, and “Science Popularization Week”, etc.


The Educational Activities

2.4 Implementing a series of the Protection Projects

l  In August 2013, Tianzhushan Geopark began the project of “Protection of Paleocene Mammal Fossils in Tianzhushan Global Geopark”, with a total investment budget of 79 million RMB, among which 44 million RMB was subsidized by the government and 35 million RMB was self-raised. The project is expected to be completed by July 2015,and it includes fossils survey, construction of fossil protection project and construction of fossil science popularization facilities,

Project Update Meeting on “Protection of Paleocene Mammal Fossils”

l  The geopark has completed the project “Tianzhu Villa—Alchemy Lake Geoconservation” with a total investment of 2.1million RMB, among which the provincial government subsidized 1 million RMB.

l  Tianzhushan Geopark has spent 15 million RMB on the sewage and garbage collection and treatment facilities and realized the unified collection, transferred and centralized harmless treatment of garbage as well as the sewage discharge reaching corresponding standard in the park.

l  In 2012, the geopark obtained ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certificate and set an environmental standard for the admittance of industry admission according to the mandatory protection principles.

The Environmental Management System Certificate

l  The environmentally-friendly hiking trails have been built in the geopark, along which barriers, explanation signs, and warning signs have been set up, and special measures have been taken to protect the vegetation, water and rocks along the trails.



The Barriers, Explanation Signs and Warning Signs

l  The geoheritage database and video monitoring system of key geosites have been built to continuously monitor the key geosites. The building of Smart Geopark will enhance the ability of digitization management and protection.


The Video Monitors at Geosites

2.5 Other Work of Natural and Cultural Heritage Protection

l  Since 2011, Tianzhushan Geopark has been making efforts to win state funding to rebuild Tianzhushan Forestry Center, 4 forests protection stations.They are Heping, Hewan, Hutouya and Changgo and 9 workstations. Meanwhile the forestry protection and production equipment has been adequately provided.

l  The geopark is implementing the project of “Biodiversity Conservation of Tianzhushan” with a total investment budget of 150 million RMB, among which 15 million euro (about 120 million RMB) was loaned from the German government. The project is aimed at establishing a biodiversity rehabilitation, protection and monitoring system to improve the ecosystem and forest landscape of Tianzhushan.

l  The geopark has taken precautions against forest fires and pests to ensure the safety of rare species and ancient rare trees, prohibited hunting, cracked down on the illegal trade of endangered and rare species, has planted trees in the area of 8.1km2, established 10 provincial forest villages and has made significant progress on small watershed management in Huangkan River and Longtan River.


Left: Symposium on the Project of “Biodiversity Conservation of Tianzhushan”

Right: Barriers to Protect Stone-carved Inscriptions

l  The geopark has made efforts to protect cultural heritage, such as designating protection areas around the key cultural landscapes, setting up warning signs and barriers, and forbidding visitors from touching stone-carved inscriptions.

l  The Valley Stream Cultural Park, Cultural Park of Peacocks Flying Southeast and Wanguang Garden have been built. Meanwhile, Xuejiagang Relics Park and Erqiao Park are under construction.

l  Tianzhushan Culture Academy has been established to explore and organize traditional folk culture.

l  The Geopark has declared 2 National Intangible Culture Heritages, 5 Provincial Intangible Culture Heritages and 2 Municipal Intangible Culture Heritages. The inheritors of the Intangible Culture Heritage were determined. Furthermore, a series of policies have been put forward to support the development of intangible culture heritage.

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