Valley Stream Cultural Park
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Located in Zhengfengjing village, Tianzhushan Senic Area, the Valley Stream Cultural Park boasts over 400 pieces of stone inscription from the Tang Dynasty to the Republic of China. Among all the stone inscription, pieces from the Song Dynasty are the most prevalent, scattered on the cliffs along the Bixi Valley. Famous people, such as Li Xiude of the Tang Dynasty, Wang Anshi, Huang Tingjian and Sudongpo from the Song Dynasty, Hu Zanzong from the Ming Dynasty, and Zhang Kai from the Qing Dynasty etc, all left their calligraphy works on the cliff. These works all have different topics, and are in various genres and writing styles. The stone inscription is a natural museum of history, culture and art.

A gurgling stream runs between the precipitous cliffs.. In the upper-reach, the stream is named Chanchanxi, which mean the stream is murmuring along the way; a huge stone which lies in the middle of the stream and, looks like a bull drinking water, is called Shiniuxi (Stone Bull  Stream); in the lower-reach , there are the stone inscriptions, which are of great cultural and historic value.





Location: Fengjing Village, Tianzhushan Scenic Area, Qianshan City

Price: RMB 50

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