Qianshan Tianzhu Ceramics Limited Company
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Qianshan Tianzhu Ceramics Limited Company, located in the economic development zone of Doumu Village, covers an area of 33mu and is comprised of an Ancient-dragon kiln and a Steamed-bun kiln, with the registered trademark “Doumu Ancient Ceramics''. The company can produce more than 100,000 ceramic items each year and is favored by many consumers because of its high quality and excellent environmentally-friendly nature.

The company is classed as provincial and municipal intangible cultural heritage and has developed more than 130 kinds of ceramics, including tableware, tea sets and other ceramic souvenirs. Under the recommendation of the local government and tourism bureau, Doumu Ceramics attended exhibitions in Chizhou, Jieshou, Taiwan, Shenzhen, Hefei and Ma'anshan.

In July 2015, it became a partner of Tianzhushan UNESCO Global Geopark. Many foreign tourists have come to visit this famous company.

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