How are the geosites protected against misuse and damage?
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General announcements about management regulations on preventing abuse and damage behaviours within the whole geopark region:

l In 2011,Qianshan county government put forward Regulations on Management of the Geologic Heritage Protection of Tianzhushan Global Geopark.

Announcements about management regulations on abuse and damage behaviours in a single site of the geopark:

l Announcement on Strengthening Management Work of Planning and Construction in Tianzhushan Scenic Area;

l  Announcement on Strengthening Management Work of Construction on Both Sides of the Highway in Tianzhushan Scenic Area;

l Implementation of management announcements in Hanchangchong, Xindian, Doumu, etc.

Specially-assigned persons are dispatched to keep watch and go on patrol for precious geoheritages:

l Staffs of Tianzhushan Forestry, scenic Law Enforcement and scenic Environmental Sanitation and guides are not only forest rangers, law enforcement teamers, sanitation workers, guides, but also protectors for the geosites. Set up protection catch-phrases and notice boards in outstanding places and warn local residents and tourists not to dig and collect specimens. Implement dot special protection in the southern scientific investigation district of the geopark, according to the distribution of UHP metamorphic rocks and Palaeocene mammalian fossils, and employ local residents to keep watch, regular maintenance and cleaning.

Mandatory management regulations in the form of website, leaflet and announcement:

l The 17th item of Regulations on Protection and Management of Geologic Heritages (Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources, 1995) (abstract): Any unit or individual shall not be allowed to carry out rock quarrying, earth borrowing, mining, grazing, cutting and other activities that would damage the protected objects in the protected area and within a certain range that may affect the geological relics.

Shall not be allowed to collect specimens and fossils in the protection area without the approval of the administrative agency:

l The 25th item of Regulations on Management of Forest Park of Anhui Province: forbid scribbling and etching on forests and public facilities in forest parks, forbid digging flowers, grasses, forests, seeds and chemical materials in forest parks.

l  The 8th item of Measures on Protection and Management of Geologic Heritages of Tianzhushan National Geopark: the following activities in Tianzhushan geopark are prohibited: first, building of facilities that may damage the geologic heritages; second, quarrying, mine exploration, detonation, timber cutting, etc.; third, collecting geologic specimens and fossils without approval; fourth, ring fencing or filling rivers, springs, waterfalls, etc.; fifth, other behaviours that damage geologic heritages and geomorphologic landscapes.

The 11th item of Measures on Protection and Management of Geologic Heritages of Tianzhushan National Geopark: collecting geologic specimens and fossil, doing experiments and other scientific research activities in the geopark range should put forward application to the geopark administration agency, and these activities should be carried out in designated routes and range. The copy of achieved scientific research results should be submitted to the protection and management agency of the geologic heritages and be archived.

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