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Jianghui Farm is situated at the foot of Tianzhushan Global Geopark which is located at Wutang Village, Doumu Town of Qianshan County. It is just 1.5 km away from the freeway exit with Sanzu Temple and Yezhai Middle School lying across the river. At present, Jianghui Farm has become a comprehensive service company that offers a series of services including accommodation, conference reception, business negotiations, wedding and leisure picks.


The Farm insists on environmentally friendly food production and the use of organic farming methods. In order to ensure the supply of green and healthy raw materials, the farm has taken advantage of its contracts with school and government canteens in the city to set up poultry and livestock breeding bases where leftovers, vegetables and husks are used to feed animals; there are also planting bases of fruits and vegetables where organic fertilizer is used to prevent the intervention of pesticide and somatotropin and ensure the supply of seasonal vegetables and fresh fruits all the year around; some agricultural products processing bases utilize their own food materials to make rice wine,pickles, and soybean products; there are also distribution centers to realize the unified allocation of resources. These efforts enable the farm to supply fresh food materials as well as reduce the intermediate links and cost, which will bring economic, social and ecological benefits.


Located at Doumu Town of Qianshan County, the Farm is connected with Tianzhushan Global Geopark by a bridge. Three of the ten scenic spots in Qianyang are within this area. The rest are located across the river. Six private rooms of the farm are named after these scenic spots.


The Farm Manager Mr. Jiang Zhongmin is from Qianshan County. He is a world famous cuisine master and one of the first people in the area to make local pumpkin pie. Under his training and instruction, we have continued to innovate our dishes. Our brilliant cooking team provides green and healthy feasts. We welcome all of you to our farm to enjoy some of the area's best food. Following the principle of “customers first, service first” and the requirement of the star-rating management model, Jianghui Farm will provide you with great food and accommodation, and a wonderful travel experience.

Toll-free call of Farm400-0556-700

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