What measures are carried out to protect geosites and infrastructure against damage and natural degradation?
Category:Protection of Geosites

Regular maintenance and cleaning:

l The geopark sets up a forest management department and sanitation team to do the regular maintenance and cleaning. Sanitation workers clean all geosites and infrastructures every day. The forest management department workers check the signboards and science popularization columns every two weeks, and timely solve problems.

Conservation measures:

l Planning of National Main Functional Areas and Planning of Main Functional Areas of Anhui Province list national geoparks, scenic areas, national forest parks and national cultural relic's protection units into non-exploitation district. Tianzhushan applies for the regulation that belongs to the non-exploitation district, so geologic heritage and infrastructures are mandatorily protected.

Relevant regulations are as follows:

u National non-exploitation areas must implement mandatory protection according to laws, regulations and relevant planning, strictly control human factors that disturb the authenticity and integrity of the natural ecology, cultural and natural heritages, prohibit exploitation activities that do not conform to the main functional orientation, lead population gradually and orderly transfer, realize zero-release of pollutant and improve the environment.

u The formation of the main functional orientation of restricted-exploitation and non-exploitation areas should restrain the exploitation behaviours that do not conform to the main functional orientation, through sound laws, regulations and planning system, and guide local government and market bodies to conscientiously promote the main function construction through establishing compensation mechanism.

u Transportation, transmission and other infrastructure construction should avoid dividing important natural landscapes and ecologic system, and strictly control traversing the non-exploitation areas.

u Guide population in restricted-exploitation and non-exploitation areas to transfer to key development districts.

u Non-exploitation areas should close all companies that release pollutant to make sure zero-release of pollutant, if any company is hard to be closed, it must be moved out in limit time.

u Non-exploitation areas should set up industry admittance environmental standards according to the principle of mandatory protection.

u  Non-exploitation areas will not have pollutant discharging license.

u The development of tourism resources of non-exploitation areas must simultaneously build thorough sewage collection and treatment facilities.

u Non-exploitation areas are strictly prohibited water resources exploitation activities that do harm to the protection of the water ecological environment, and implement strict water resources protection policies.

u Special provisions on protection measures of national geoparks: carry out management according to Guidelines and Criteria of GGN, principles requested in the planning and geopark planning. Prohibit other production and construction activities, except necessary protection facilities and ancillary facilities; prohibit quarrying, soil sampling, mine exploration, grazing, timber cutting and other activities that damage protected objects; prohibit collecting specimens and fossils without approval of administration agency in geopark area; construction of tourism facilities and infrastructure must conform to the geopark planning, gradually dismantle facilities that violate the planning; effectively control the tourism scale according to the resources situation and environment capacity, prohibit damaging resources of geology, landscape, water, plants, wild animals and wild plants.

l Comments on Further Speeding up the Development of Tourism Industry by Qianshan County Committee and People's Government of Qianshan County (April 16, 2010)Strengthen the protection of resources and the environment, and speed up the construction of an ecological scenic area. Protect our ecological environment and build a tranquil and harmonious living space. The development of the tourism resources and projects should stick to the principle of “overall planning, reasonable layout, complete support, orderly exploitation and everlasting utilization”, the tourism and environment protection departments should strengthen pre-examination for the project, and strengthen guide and ecological environment protection during the project construction. Business investment should put “protecting the ecological environment” as a threshold, and keep all contaminative projects out of Qianshan county.

Protective measures:

The protective ways include personnel protection, object protection and technology protection; the protection reasons include man-made sabotage and natural disasters. The concrete measures contain:

l Enlarge publicity and upgrade residents' protection awareness. Enrich the power of law enforcement, strengthen the execution of law enforcement, and severely punish behaviours that damage resources and the environment. Set up monitoring facilities in the main geosites and build necessary protection facilities. Establish disaster warning mechanism, and draw up Prevention Plan of Geological Disasters, Prevention Plan of Forest Pests, Prevention Plan of Forest Fire, Prevention Plan of Tourist Safety in Scenic Area, etc.

l Strengthen protection of natural ecological environment and forest resources in the geopark. Dynamically monitor the environment changes. Prohibit building any project that would produce pollutant in the geopark and surrounding areas. The garbage treatment and the sewage release should strictly conform to the environment protection standards, set up pollution-free and resourceful-treatment system in the geopark. Strengthen the publicity and education of environment protection and upgrade the mass’s awareness of environment protection.

l Strengthen the protection of geologic heritages. The basic and the most important measure is scientific planning and cascade protection. The northern geopark is divided into 2 special-level protection districts, 2 first-level protection districts, 2 first-level protection sites, 5 second-level protection districts and 1 third-level protection district, the southern scientific investigation district of the geopark is divided into 3 special-level protection sites, 2 first-level linear protection districts (belts) and 16 first-level protection sites. Any project construction activity that do not conform to the protection function is not allowed in the special-level, first, second and third protection area (site). Prohibit exploiting mineral resources, mountain cutting, land clearing and other activities that damage geomorphologic landscape and plants. Forbid setting up any industry development district, hotel, training centre, sanatorium and other large-scale service facilities. The geopark administrative agency or the local government appoints specially-assigned persons to take the responsibility to protect the special and first level protection objects.

u Protection requirements for the special-level protection area (site): this area allows no building facility or tourist, only scientific researchers and management workers with approval can enter in to carry out protection and scientific research activities.

u Protection requirements for the first-level protection area (site): only set up necessary safeguard, sanitation and travelling facilities, the style and quantity of tourist facilities should be harmonious with the landscape, control the tourist quantity and forbid vehicles to enter in.

u Protection requirements for the second-level protection area (site): restrict buildings that have no relationship with the sightseeing. Set up a few service facilities for the geo-tourism, but control the scale and style, forbid damaging landscape or environment. Forbid undeserved business advertisement, except explanation boards, signposts and notice boards in the scenic area. Implement green and ecological construction.

u Protection requirements for the third-level protection area (site): set up tourist service facilities that are harmonious with the scenery environment, control other constructions and facilities. Villages and houses must be in harmony with the environment, strengthen the comprehensive improvement of the village environment and the sanitation. Protect the natural environment and maintain the ecological balance.

Strengthen the protection of human landscape. Designate necessary protection scope and set up signs according to the level and character of historical buildings and the geographical environment. Cultural relics can not be casually dismantled, removed, rehabilitated or re-built, and any change to the cultural relics building needs the approval of related management department of cultural relics. Tourists are forbidden to touch and tread on stone-carved inscriptions. Set up protection facilities for important stone-carved inscriptions, such as guard railing, pavilion house, etc.

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