Global Warming(3)
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Causes of Climate Changes

Both human and natural factors will cause climate change. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) points out that human factors, including greenhouse gas, are very likely to be the major factors leading to climate change since the mid-20th century.

CO2, methane and Cyfluthrin in the air can penetrate short-wave radiation to heat the earth’s surface. In addition, these gases will block the long-wave radiation from the earth’s surface to space, which will increase the temperature on the earth’s surface. This is similar to the Greenhouse effect, thus these gases are called greenhouse gas.

The increased CO2 emission mainly comes from transportation, construction and the use of fossil fuels in industrial production. The average CO2 concentration has risen from 280ppm in the pre-industrial revolution period to 385 ppm in 2008, increasing by 105ppm.

The major function of forests is to absorb and solidify CO2.According to scientific research, every 1m3 wood will absorb around 1.83 tons COand release 1.62 tons of oxygen. In some places, uncontrolled deforestation and forest fires have lead to even worse global warming. According to the IPCC, from 1850~1998, there are 81~191 billion tons of CO2 emissions which has been caused by changes in land cultivation.



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