Henshui Tea Garden
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Shuihou Town, located in the west of Tianzhu Mountain in Qianshan County, with superior natural ecological conditions, adequate light, heat, water resources, and a long history of tea cultivation, is an important base for the county's famous tea production. Qianshan County Henshui Tea Development Co., Ltd., established in May 2008, a high-tech and innovative agricultural economic entity, was awarded the status of the city's leading company in terms of agricultural industrialization in 2011. There are 48 employees, including 11 senior technical staff, 1,800 acres of existing mountain zone, 600 acres of tea garden seedling demonstration bases, and 160 acres of seedling growing bases. It has achieved an annual output of 4 million high-quality local tea trees, annual production and marketing volume of 20 tons, annual output value of 3.5 million Yuan, and annual profits and taxes of 300,000 Yuan. The company adheres to independent innovation, and has achieved the introduction and cultivation of 5 new varieties (lines) of local tea, and been praised by cultivation experts in  the Chinese and Provincial Tea Scientific Research Institute. In the process of developing the bases, it has paid attention to high quality, strict requirements, and excellent construction standards. In recent years it has developed 4,000 high quality acres of tea gardens in the town, laying a solid foundation for the development of a tea industry with large scale production,  high quality and efficiency. Moreover, it has introduced new technology into tea plantation cultivation and management to make new breakthroughs. In October 2010, it successfully undertook the "Demonstrations for National Tea Industry Technology System high-ground-clearance self-propelled multi-function machine for tea plantations", making a valuable attempt to mechanise plantation management  and reduce production costs.The use of a special production process in tea planting gives the tea leaves a special fragrance- "Henshui" Buddha tea won first prize in the first "National Drink Cup" national tea competitions organized by the Institute of Chinese Tea, providing technical support for the development and utilisation of summer and autumn tea and increasing profits exponentially. Stone, incense and other local varieties have also been used to produce "Tianzhu Jianhao Tea" and "Tianzhu Clouds and Smoke Tea", which have been in short supply in recent years and are deeply loved by consumers.

 In March 2011, the seedling breeding base of the company was named as National Tea Industry Technology System Seedling Breeding Base, and the tea garden base was named as Science Demonstration Base of Anqing City. With a total investment of 8 million Yuan, the company plans to use its existing advantages to develop 1,000 acres of standard local plantations, expand 100 acres of seedling breeding bases, build a professional mechanization service system for tea garden management, purchase over 120 sets of tea plantation tillers, trimmers, and tea plucking machine, and construct a large modern tea processing plant. When the project is completed, it is predicted to create 500 jobs and generate industry revenue of over 10 million Yuan.

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