Nanyue Hotel
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Address: Cableway No.1 Entrance of Tianzhu Mountain in Qianshan County, Anhui Province

Tel: 0556-8145888 8145988

Fax: 0556-8145378

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     Nanyue Hotel is a three-star hotel established by Qianshan Road and Bridge Corporation in Anhui Province. Located in national AAAA level scenic spot of Tianzhu Mountain, the hotel offers great ease of access: 105 and 318 national highways, Shanghai-Chengdu Highway and Hefei-Jiujiang Railway pass all the way through the county. The hotel is 60 KMs to Anqing airport and the dock on the Yangtze River, only 30 meters to the cableway terminal and 200 meters to the Foguang Temple. The hotel has around 100 luxury rooms and 200 beds and supporting dining, meeting and entertainment facilities with well provided central air conditioning and telephone services network. Supplemented with considerate smile services and guest reception etiquette, the hotel is an ideal choice for sightseeing, business meeting and holiday travel.

     Nanyue Hotel is not only the first three-star hotel in Tianzhu Mountain scenic spot but also a scenic spot itself. Constructed under the blue sky and white cloud, the villa quite presents a beauty seen in poems and paintings. Waterfall from the Snow Cliff makes a dive from high distance and Qiongyang Creek passes by murmuring witnessed by grotesque pines and bamboo forest. This fully embodies the peaceful co-existence between nature and human. It is really “Travel to Tianzhu Mountain and Find Happiness in Nanyue Hotel”.

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