Wancheng Hotel
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Hotel Managerial Office (0556)8920388

Hotel Information Desk (0556)8920200/8920299

Fax (0556)8920298/8920380

Address Shuzhou West Road No.2, Meicheng Town, Qianshan County, Anhui Province

Website: http://www.etzs.cn/Hotel/

     Wancheng Hotel in Qianshan County, Anhui Province is a service enterprise integrating catering, accommodation, entertainment, business, travel and shopping. The hotel is located at the foot of Tianzhu Mountain, a lavish sight in Qianshan County. Standing at the crossing point of 105 and 138 national highways, the hotel is 21kms to Tianzhu Mountain, 3kms to the entrance of Shanghai-Chengdu Highway, 1km to the railway station and 58kms to the airport and Yangtze River dock, providing easy access and geographical convenience. A national two-star hotel with business concerning foreigners, Wancheng Hotel has around 100 standard and luxury rooms (suites), 10 small and big dining rooms (with luxury box provided), 4 meeting rooms with small, medium and big sizes, providing accommodation for 200 people and catering for 350 people. The hotel is equipped with central air conditioning, program controlled direct dial phone system, CATV system as well as one multi-function hall capable of providing entertainment to 150 people.

Service Hotline:(86)400-0556-900

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