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Qianshan County Wanshan Seedling Planting Specialized Cooperative (Wanghu Park) was co-founded by Jiangsu Jiachuang Landscaping Co., Ltd. and Qianshan County Supplying and Marketing Cooperative, and was established in June 2010 with a registered capital of 3 million Yuan. With 280 cooperative members and an area of 800 acres, it is an urban and rural landscaping specialized cooperative integrated by Seedling production and marketing, landscape design, landscaping works and ancient garden construction. With the purpose of becoming the largest flowers  and grass seedling planting base in the southwest of Anhui Province, it will introduce and develop greening trees such as camphor, osmanthus, ginkgo, yew, maple, Japanese cherry, crabapple, podocarpus and other rare species, so as to form the scene of "one park and four zones": flower and grass seedling tourism park, bonsai exhibition zone of flower and grass seedling, bonsai production zone of flower and grass seedling, fruits breeding picking zone and production & breeding zone. Through the development of flowers and vegetation industry, it has not only solved the problem of idle rural labor forces, but also beautified urban and rural environment.

Specialty exhibition center of Tianzhushan, with the area of more than 3000 square meters and varieties of over 3,000, is a tourism and shopping center established for Tianzhushan’s tourism market. It mainly covers Tianzhushan special food, local famous products, tourism souvenirs and bamboo fiber products. Specialty exhibition center of Tianzhushan has now opened its online service platform, including " Taobao shop for seeing Tianzhu specialty again" "Shu mats Taobao shop", "No.1 Shop" Chinese specialty — Qianshan County, "Tianzhushan Mall " and so on. Another website is "Tianzhu Specialty Website" ( With 106 employees and 10 professional and technical personnel, the company receives 20 million tourists each year and gains annual sales of more than 20 million Yuan, achieving good social and economic benefits.

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