Specialty Exhibition Center of Tianzhushan
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Specialty exhibition center of Tianzhushan, with the area of more than 3000 square meters and varieties of over 3,000, is a tourism and shopping center established for Tianzhushan’s tourism market. It mainly covers Tianzhushan special food, local famous products, tourism souvenirs and bamboo fiber products. Specialty exhibition center of Tianzhushan has now opened its online service platform, including " Taobao shop for seeing Tianzhu specialty again" "Shu mats Taobao shop", "No.1 Shop" Chinese specialty — Qianshan County, "Tianzhushan Mall " and so on. Another website is "Tianzhu Specialty Website" (www.tzstc.com). With 106 employees and 10 professional and technical personnel, the company receives 20 million tourists each year and gains annual sales of more than 20 million Yuan, achieving good social and economic benefits.

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