Tianzhushan and Huangshan Conduct In-depth Cooperation and Exchange as Sister-Parks
Pubdate:5/16/2019 ThursdayCategory:Network Communication

In recent years, Tianzhushan and Huangshan have implemented sister-parks agreements and carried out cooperation in various forms to promote exchanges among members of GGN.

Firstly, they have promoted the concept of UNESCO Global Geoparks together. In 2015, Tianzhushan and Huangshan, taking the opportunity of the 10th anniversary of China's UNESCO Global Geoparks, jointly held an exhibition of popular science works in Anhui Geomuseum to promote the concept of UNESCO Global Geoparks and expand the influence and public participation of UNESCO Global Geoparks within Anhui province.

Secondly, mutual visits and information sharing have been strengthened. Both sides have sent staff several times  to visit each other  to exchange experience in geoheritage protection, science education, talent cultivation and other aspects, so as to jointly improve the level of geopark protection and management. At the same time, Tianzhushan has actively participated in various seminars held by Huangshan, such as the global geoparks advanced seminar and Huangshan Dialogues.

Thirdly, personnel exchanges have been deepened. In 2019 and 2020, Tianzhushan and Huangshan will be revalidated respectively. In order to learn from each other's experience and improve the quality of geopark development, Huangshan is sending technical support to Tianzhushan for exchange and study, which further deepens the talent exchange between the two sister geoparks, at the same time, as promoting talent cultivation.

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