Tianzhushan Attends the 6th APGN Symposium In Indonesia
Pubdate:9/13/2019 FridayCategory:Network Communication

The 6th Asian Pacific Geoparks Network Symposium took place in Rinjani Lombok UNESCO Global Geopark, which gave the opportunity to the representatives of the majority of the 60 UNESCO Global Geoparks in Asia and Pacific to meet with other colleagues, to exchange ideas and experiences and to enjoy networking and collaboration. 

Parallel to the 6th Asian Pacific Geoparks Network Symposium, many other important meetings took place such as the 4th UNESCO Global Geoparks Council Meeting,  GGN Executive Board Meeting, the APGN Advisory Committee Meeting, the APGN Coordination Committee Meeting, the APGN Geopark fair. 

During the APGN Coordination Committee Meeting which took place on September 2nd in Rinjani Lombok UNESCO Global Geopark, the elections of the New Coordinators and the new Advisory Committee of the APGN took place and the new Operation Guidelines of the APGN were adopted.

600 participants at the very well organized 6th Asian Pacific Geopark Symposium in Rinjani Lombok UNESCO Global Geoparks, Indonesia, had the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas, best practice and information.

During the Symposium sessions the UNESCO Global Geoparks and the aspiring Geoparks from Asia and Pacific presented papers on Geoparks operation and management, in networking and collaboration among Geoparks and in building stronger and more effective partnerships and collaborations. Tianzhushan representative gave an oral presentation titled “Tianzhushan UNESCO Global Geopark Vigorously Promotes the Local Community’s Social-economic Sustainable Development”.

Parallel to the Symposium the 3rd UNESCO Global Geoparks Evaluator’s Seminar took place on September 5th, 2019.

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