Tianzhushan Attends The “China Geoparks” Thematic Promotion Activity
Pubdate:9/18/2019 WednesdayCategory:Network Communication

From Sep. 7 to Sep.9, the "China Geoparks" promotion activity was held by the department of nature reserve management of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration. Together with more than 200 representatives from provincial forestry and grassland authorities, UNESCO Global Geoparks in China, key national geoparks and related scientific research institutes, Tianzhushan UNESCO Global Geopark representatives gathered at the expo to seek the development of China geoparks.

With the theme “Clean Water and Green Mountains above the Earth, and Green Initiative at the Foot of the Great Wall”, the activity advocated to establish Geopark Day, and held a series of activities, including an opening ceremony of “China Geoparks” thematic promotion activity, a special exhibition on Chinese geoparks, forums on the protection and development of geoparks as well as in-depth exchange among different geoparks. This activity not only displayed unique characteristics of Chinese 39 UGGps and part national geoparks, but also shared experience to geoparks managers about the conservation, geoscientific education, management and development of geoparks. Tianzhushan Geoparks representatives actively participated in various agendas and supported the establishment of Geopark Day with practical actions.

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