Tianzhushan UGGp and Zhijin Cave UGGp Establish Sister Geoparks Relationship
Pubdate:3/22/2021 MondayCategory:Network Communication

On March 18-19, Ms. Jiang Xia, secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection of Tianzhushan Scenic Area Administrative Committee, Mr. Wang Quanhai, director of Tianzhushan Geopark Administrative Center and workers of Tianzhushan Geopark Administrative Center made an exchange and communication visit in Zhijin Cave UGGp.

On 18th, Tianzhushan representatives made in-depth communication with Ms. An Taimin, secretary of the Party Committee of Zhijin Cave UGGp Administrative Bureau, Mr. Li Yi, director of Zhijin Cave UGGp Administrative Bureau, Mr. Liu Jianyuan, secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection of Zhijin Cave UGGp Administrative Bureau and related workers. Both parks signed a sister geoparks agreement, and achieved consensus on cooperation on scientific research, science popularization and guide training, to promote common development.

On 19th, Tianzhushan representatives successively visited Zhijin Cave underground park, geo-museum, Zhijin Grand Canyon and Wujiangyuan Gallery Park.

Zhijin Cave is located in Guanzhai Miao Township, Zhijin County, Guizhou Province. It is currently the only global geopark in Guizhou. It has a constant temperature of 16 degrees, a natural large refrigerator in summer and a natural large greenhouse in winter. It is a treasure house of magnificent and peculiar cave resources discovered in China. The cave has the largest and most well-developed karst landform in the country. It is a global geopark that integrates scientific research, popularization of science, sightseeing and leisure, with deep scientific connotation, strong local ethnic characteristics, rich cultural atmosphere, and great appreciation of popular science. Zhijin Cave was discovered on April 8, 1980 and opened to the outside world in 1985. Zhijindong Scenic Area has a subtropical plateau climate, with an average temperature of 14.1 degrees Celsius, no severe cold in winter, no scorching heat in summer, and a pleasant climate. It has a good natural ecological environment, a heavy historical and cultural accumulation, and rich tourism resources. It has won the title of "China's Most Beautiful Tourism" The first place in the ranking of "Cave", "UNESCO Global Geopark", "National 4A Tourist Attraction", "National Scenic Area", "National Geopark", "China National Natural Heritage", "Land Resources Science Popularization Base" and other awards, Commended by the Central Civilization Committee, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, and the National Tourism Administration as "National Civilized Unit", "Youth Civilization Title" and other titles, it is one of the tourist attractions supported and built by the Bijie Pilot Area, and a characteristic tourism product of the colorful mountain tourism destination in Guizhou An important part of. The Zhijin Cave Scenic Area has a complete karst system with multiple levels, multiple systems, multiple categories, and multiple forms. The landscape and space are peculiar in shape, with the characteristics of "big", "odd" and "full" karst caves. The cave body of the scenic spot is divided into four floors. The surveyed length is 12.1 kilometers, the widest span of the cave is 175 meters, the relative height difference is 150 meters, and the general height and width are between 60 and 100 meters. The total area is more than 700,000 square meters. There are 12 halls including the Welcome Hall, Tallinn Palace, Lingxiao Hall, and Shiwanda Mountain.

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