Tianzhushan UGGp and Dali Cangshan UGGp Establish Sister Geoparks Relationship
Pubdate:3/30/2021 TuesdayCategory:Network Communication

On March 28-29, Dali Cangshan UGGp delegation, led by Ms. Wang Ying, vice president of Dali Prefecture CPPCC, Mr. Wang Jianguo, deputy director general of Dali Cangshan Global Geopark Administrative Bureau, Mr. Yang Xuexian, director of Population, Environment and Resources Committee of Dali Prefecture and Mr. Chang Jixiong, vice mayor of Yangbi County of Dali Prefecture, came to Tianzhushan UGGp to make an exchange visit.

On 28th, Dali Cangshan UGGp delegation visited the northern granite landform of Tianzhushan Geopark, companied by Mr. Tu Gaosheng, member of Standing Committee of Qianshan City and deputy director general of Tianzhushan Administrative Committee, Mr. Zhang Fang, director general of Tianzhushan Tourist Resort Area Administrative Committee, Ms. Jiang Xia, secretary of Discipline Inspection Committee of Tianzhushan Administrative Committee and workers of Tianzhushan Geopark Administrative Center.

On 29th, both geoparks held a discussion meeting and signed a sister geoparks relationship agreement. Both achieved consensus on cooperation on geoheritage protection, science popularization, tourism promotion, information sharing and sustainable development. Then, the delegation successively visited Tianzhushan Geopark Museum, Valley Stream Cultural Park, Doumu Ancient Pottery National Intangible Heritage Base and Xudawu fossil site.

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