The Sightseeing Tours Of Kochi County Of Japan Visiting Tianzhushan Global Geopark
Pubdate:7/3/2015 FridayCategory:Network Communication

The Sightseeing Tours Of Kochi County Of Japan Visit Tianzhushan Global Geopark

On July 28th, the sightseeing tours of Kochi county of Japan visited Tianzhushan global geopark, accompanied by the leaders of Qianshan county: county magistrate Shi Li, the deputy Secretary of Qianshan county commission Xia Jikan and deputy magistrate Guo Yusheng.

This visiting is a return of the visiting of Anhui provincial governmental delegation in April this year. Kochi county and Anhui province are friends, and Muroto global geopark in Kochi county and Tianzhushan global geopark have nice friendship and cooperation. During the visiting, tourist minister Okubo of Kochi county expressed his hope to strengthen communication and exchange between the marine global geopark and the mountain global geopark.

Principals from Tianzhushan administration committee, government office, tourism bureau, tourism corporation, tourism association and Tianzhushan global geopark office attended the meeting.

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