Tianzhushan Attending the 5th UNESCO International Conference on Geoparks
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Tianzhushan Attends the 5th UNESCO International Conference on Geoparks

The 5th UNESCO International Conference on Geoparks has been held in Japanon May 12th -15th, whose theme was geoheritage and sustainable development. It was held by the Promotion Committee of Unzen Geopark in Japan and GGN.  More than 400 representatives from over 30 countries and regions have been present to share research and construction experience and discuss the future of GGN. Representatives of Tianzhushan, Jiang Jinbao, Yu Guosheng and Chen Xiaoqian have attended the Conference.


On the Conference, new members of GGN in the past two years have been grandly introduced and received souvenirs. As one of the 87 members of GGN and the ten new members of last year, Tianzhushan has won much attention for its unique and various geoheritage, profound history and flowering geotourism.

Availing this great opportunity, Tianzhushan representatives have spared no effort to promote Tianzhushan by making a panel report on its geoheritage protection, geoscience research and local economic and social sustainable development.

During the conference, Tianzhushan Geoapark representatives have had a meeting with Muroto Geopark representatives of Japan, in which both party have discussed the cooperation in fields of geology, culture and tourism and so on. This is of great help to deep mutual understanding, establish a consultation system and arrive at a situation of win –win.

Tianzhushan has also attended the APGN Committee Conference held on the morning of May 11th and participated in the discussion of admitting new members, establishing valuing system, constructing bilabial and multilateral sistership and so on. (Author: Yu Guosheng)   

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