Tianzhushan Attending 2014 China Global Geopark Conference
Pubdate:7/3/2015 FridayCategory:Network Communication

Tianzhushan Attends 2014 China Global Geopark Conference

2014 China global geopark conference was held in Shennongjia Global Geopark. Representatives from the geological environment department of Land and Resource Ministry, network office of global geopark, national geopark network center, Land and Resource bureau of each province and 29 global geoparks attended the conference.

This conference comprehensively reviewed each work of global geoparks in 2013, and made mobilization deployment for the key work in 2014. The first is to pay high attention to the assessment work, the second is to hold the 10th global geoparks anniversary activity, and the third is to do well the promotion exhibition on the sixth global geopark conference. This September, the sixth global geopark conference will be held in Canade, the national geopark network center will organize and assist eachChina global geopark to prepare the exhibition and oral report work, to show the construction fruit of China global geopark on the international platform, and further broaden the influence of China global geoparks.



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