Tianzhushan Attends The 5th APGN Conference on Global Geoparks
Pubdate:12/13/2017 WednesdayCategory:Network Communication

From Sep. 19th to Sep. 22nd, the 5th APGN conference on global geoparks was held in Zhijin County, Guizhou Province. Tianzhushan UNESCO Global Geopark led by Mr. Wang Chendong, deputy director of Tianzhushan Administrative Committee, attended the conference. With the theme of “UNESCO Global Geoparks Promote The Sustainable Development of Local Economy”, the conference was attended by more than 900 representatives from 27 countries. Representatives of UNESCO, GGN, UNESCO Global Geoparks Council and APGN attended the conference. The conference was comprised of five rounds of thematic reports and six rounds of special reports. The representative of Tianzhushan made a thematic report titled as “UNESCO Global Geoparks Should Actively Make Contributions to Combat the Climate Change”, achieving wide attention and affirmation. Tianzhushan delegation and other global geoparks held extensive exchange and shared experience as well as promoted Tianzhushan.

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