Tianzhushan Attends The 3rd International Intensive Course on UNESCO Global Geoparks
Pubdate:12/13/2017 WednesdayCategory:Network Communication

After the 1st and 2nd International Intensive Courses on UNESCO Global Geoparks  successfully held in Beijing, 2016, a great influence has created in the international  community of the UNESCO Global Geoparks, which has made very positive effect in  the geopark management and building for many geoparks. This kind of course is becoming an important capacity building activity of the UNESCO Global Geoparks.  Sponsored by UNESCO and the GGN ExB, the 3rd International Intensive Course on UNESCO Global Geoparks was held in the period from December 3 to 8, 2017 in Beijing jointly by the China University of Geosciences (Beijing) and Fangshan UNESCO Global Geopark. Aiming at the current situation of Chinese and Asia-Pacific UNESCO Global Geoparks, this course targeted to train the geopark managers, staff, technical supporters, focusing on the theme of geopark management and building, especially on the Earth heritage interpretation. The speakers were the top international geopark experts from the UNESCO Global Geoparks Council, Global Geopark Executive Board and other institutions. A representative of Tianzhushan attended the conference. This course comprised two parts:  First part: UNESCO Global Geoparks Management (two days): for Geopark managers 

Contents: Geopark concept and management, IGGP Statutes and UGG Operational Guidelines, GGN Code of ethics, UGG evaluation and revalidation processes.  Venue: Geosciences Convention Center, China University of Geosciences, Beijing  Second part: Geopark Museums and Visitor centers, Earth heritage interpretation facilities and tools: for Geopark managers and technical staff  Contents: Geopark Museum - Visitor Centers establishment and management, Earth heritage interpretation facilities and tools: methodology, successful cases, field investigation  Venue: Fangshan UNESCO Global Geopark The representative of Tianzhushan carefully listened to lessons and made in-depth discussion and exchange with other participants, achieving precious suggestions, which was conducive to the future development of Tianzhushan UNESCO Global Geopark.

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