Notice on the World Earth Day Activities of Tianzhushan UGGp

The earth is the common home of human beings. The survival of human beings is closely related to the earth. We grow and live on the earth and enjoy the resources brought to us by the earth. At the same time, the planet is facing unprecedented challenges, with increasing ecological degradation. We should always be soberly aware that it is the responsibility and obligation of all mankind to protect the earth. The earth gives us infinite energy, and we should also give it back to nature in a correct way. President Xi Jinping pointed out in his report to the 19th National Congress that it is incumbent upon us to "accelerate the reform of the ecological civilization system, build a beautiful China" and protect the earth.

Tianzhushan UGGp Carries out A Science Popularization Lecture in Doumu Town
Pubdate:6/8/2021 Tuesday

On June 7, Tianzhushan UGGp carried out a science popularization lecture in Doumu Town. The lecture titled “The Geo-heritage of Tianzhushan UGGp and Brief Introduction of Qiuzhi Geological Cultural Village” was given by Mr. Wu Weiping, professor-level senior engineer of Geological Survey Institute of Anhui Province.

Mr. Gao Jianqiang, director of Tianzhushan Geopark Administrative Center, all cadres of Doumu Town, and key enterprises principals attended the course, which introduced abundant geo-heritage of Tianzhushan UGGp and Qiuzhi Geological Cultural Village, illustrated the profound culture of Qiuzhi Village and the background of applying for the first batch of geological cultural villages.

Recently, Qiuzhi Village was listed in the public summons as the only representative in Anqing City to apply for the first batch of geological cultural villages of China. Tianzhushan Geopark carried out field survey and the application work. Qiuzhi Village is located in the southern scientific investigation area of Tianzhushan UGGp, at the juncture between the eastern part of Dabieshan collision orogenic belt and Tancheng-Lujiang Fault Zone. Its northwest side is the world-famous Dabieshan ultrahigh pressure metamorphic belt, and its southeast side is Paleocene mammalian fossils in Qianshan Basin, which are world geo-heritage with great scientific research and science popularization value. The two important fossils Heomys orientalis and Mimotona wana discovered in Qiuzhi Village, Doumu Town, proved that rodents and lagomorphs are of the same origin, and they are both the ancestral types of rodents and lagomorphs, attracting wide attention of global scientists.

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