Notice on the World Earth Day Activities of Tianzhushan UGGp

The earth is the common home of human beings. The survival of human beings is closely related to the earth. We grow and live on the earth and enjoy the resources brought to us by the earth. At the same time, the planet is facing unprecedented challenges, with increasing ecological degradation. We should always be soberly aware that it is the responsibility and obligation of all mankind to protect the earth. The earth gives us infinite energy, and we should also give it back to nature in a correct way. President Xi Jinping pointed out in his report to the 19th National Congress that it is incumbent upon us to "accelerate the reform of the ecological civilization system, build a beautiful China" and protect the earth.

Tianzhushan UGGp Carries out A Series of Science Popularization Activities on the International Day of Fossils
Pubdate:10/12/2021 TuesdayCategory:Geopark News

October 11 is the international day of fossils, in order to strengthen the understanding of the biodiversity and fossils, Tianzhushan UGGp carried out various forms of science popularization activities together with Qianshui River Wetland Park, let the children witness the spectacular and colorful lives in Qianshan City, further stimulating the enthusiasm of young people to protect ecology and protect nature, through well-designed science classes and rich hands-on activities.

Under the guidance of volunteer teachers, the children went into the education hall of Qianshui River National Wetland Park, and learnt to observe the plant leaves and make plant specimens. In the afternoon, the students visited Tianzhushan Geopark Museum and learnt about the vertebrates that used to live in this land. At the same time, they simulated the Cambrian - trilobite fossil restoration process.

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