Activities Forecast of World Earth Day 2023 in Tianzhushan UNESCO Global Geopark

April 22, 2023 is the 54th World Earth Day, and the theme of this year's Earth Day is "Cherish the Earth, Harmony between Man and Nature". To further guide the whole society to establish the ecological civilization concept of "respecting nature, adapting to nature and protecting nature", promote the construction of beautiful Qianshan, and jointly build an earth home where people and nature live in harmony, Tianzhushan Global Geopark and Shuzhou Primary School of Qianshan City will jointly hold a series of thematic publicity activities for the World Earth Day 2023.

Twenty Chinese Geoparks Provide Preferential Summer Policies for Teachers and Students 
Pubdate:7/11/2022 MondayCategory:Geopark News

On July 10, the National Geoparks Network Center office led 20 geoparks to hold an online promotion activity of "Geoparks Research Tour".  It was announced at the promotion meeting that since July, 20 geoparks including Tianzhushan, Yandangshan and Danxiashan had jointly issued preferential policies such as ticket reduction and other preferential policies for teachers and students of universities, primary and secondary schools, organized live broadcasts of geoparks research and popular science tours, promoted research products of global geoparks, and carried out education activities on natural disasters and safety. 

20 Chinese geoparks are respectively Tianzhushan, Danxiashan, Yandangshan, Zhangjiajie, Yimengshan, Huangshan, Wudalianchi, Xiangxi, Sanqingshan, Dunhuang, Leye-Fengshan, Shilin, Lushan, Funiushan, Huanggang-Dabieshan, Shennongjia, Taining, Yuntaishan, Longyan and Kanbula.

This activity will give play to the global geoparks science popularization education function, attract the public to understand the earth science knowledge, help the healthy growth of teenagers, and promote the recovery of the tourism market. 

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