Message from Ms Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO, for the International Geodiversity Day

UNESCO calls on the international community to galvanize the potential of geological sciences – and view familiar landscapes through fresh eyes.

Tianzhushan UGGp Carries out A Series of Education Activities During 2022 National Science Popularization Week
Pubdate:9/20/2022 TuesdayCategory:Geopark News

During 2022 National Science Popularization Week(Sep. 15-21), Tianzhushan UGGp carried out a series of education and promotion activities, together with other Chinese UGGps.

Together with other 23 Chinese UGGps, Tianzhushan UGGp attended a common live streaming to introduce its geo-heritages and common promotional posters. Cooperation with three local schools, Tianzhushan UGGp gave three lectures respectively on trash classification, intangible cultural heritages and paleontological fossils of Tianzhushan UGGp, and organized students to visit Tianzhushan Geopark Museum and Panpu Nursery Garden.

These activities inspired students to explore sciences and cherish the nature, enriched their knowledge and improved their scientific quality and practical abilities, conducive to the all-round development of students.

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