Introduction of Tianzhushan Global Geopark
Category:Introduction of Tianzhushan Global Geopark

Tianzhu Mountain, also called Mountain Wan, acquired its name for its main peak’s resemblance to a towering pillar. Revered as the “Nanyue Moutain” in ancient time, it is situated in Anqing City in the southwestern part of Anhui Province, China, connecting with Dabieshan in the northwest and bordering on the Yangtze River in the southeast.

Tianzhushan is located at the junction of the eastern Dabieshan Orogenic Belt and Tan-Lu Fault Zone between the North China Plate and the Yangtze River Plate. With its largest scale, deepest denudation, best exposure and most abundant UHP minerals and rock association in the world, it is considered as the representative area of Dabieshan UHPM Belt and also one of the best places for the studies of continental dynamics. The granite landforms in the north of geopark, featured by the dilapidation landform is so magnificent and marvelous that it wins the praise of “the most beautiful granite landform in Tan-Lu fault zone”. Qianshan Basin, locating in the south of the geopark, is recognized as “one of the places of origin of Asian mammals” and a “treasury of paleontological vertebrate fossils” for its abundant Paleocene mammal fossils.         

Tianzhushan belongs to subtropical monsoon climate zone. There are 1650 kinds of wild plants and more than 300 kinds of wild animals. With its sound ecological environment, it has won the reputation of “green museum” and "natural oxygen bar"

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