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Tianzhushan Area not only has distinctive natural scenery but also a rich culture and history of more than a thousand years. Back in the Spring and Autumn Period, the fiefdom of the ancient Wan State was located here hence the names Wan Mountain and Wan Water. The abbreviation of Anhui Province “Wan” also has its origin here. A massive amount of historical relics can still be found here with 3 sites under National Protection, 10 Sites under provincial protection and 38 sites under the county-level protection. These precious culture legacies are valuable assets for scientific research and archaeological study.

Qianshan has long been known as the ancient capital of Wan State, hometown of the Qiao Sisters, origin of Anhui Province and the place where Peking Opera, Zen Buddhism and Huangmei Opera have their roots. Besides being a place where one can acquire knowledge about Zen Buddhism, Taoism, Huangmei Opera and beautiful legends, this place is also  home to celebrities such as Wang Fan, Cao Song, Li Gonglin, Cheng Changgeng, Zhang Henshui and Xia Juhua, and so on.

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