Birthplace of the “Peacocks Flying Southeast” story
Category:History and Culture

A thousand years ago, in  Xiaoligang of Xiaoshi Town in  Qianshan County, An unprecedented swan song titled Peacocks Flying Southeast occurred in the real sense.

The remnant Peacock Tower, along with Phoenix Tower in Nanjing and Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan are collectively known as Three Fairies in the Yangtze River Valley. There is a local saying that when you come to Anqing, you must climb the tower and when you come to Xiaoshi, you must climb the Peacock Tower. Also known as Wannian Tower, the Peacock Tower is a place where Jiao Zhongqing and Liu Lanzhi committed to each other. The later generations, moved by their unfaltering love, built this tower in memory of them and so named. It is recorded that the Peacock Tower was first built in the final years of the Tang Dynasty as a platform made of soil and the story of the tower was then written into magnificent stage drama in the Qing Dynasty. People from all walks of life invited theatrical troupes to perform on the Peacock Tower for at least a couple of days and even some performances could last for a month. This is a very special culture in Xiaoligang but very unfortunately, the Peacock Tower was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution.

Ancient poems and paintings: Peacocks Flying Southeast.


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