Wanghe Bamboo Mat
Category:Intangible Cultural Heritage

Qianshan County had the ancient name of The State of Shu, after which the Shu mat is named. Having been manufactured for 2,000 years, starting from as early as the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the bamboo mat became reputed at home and abroad, and was exported to Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Myanmar, Singapore and other countries and regions. In 1958, Qianshan County sent the bamboo mat which had incorporated the pattern of Tiananmen Square and the pattern of two lions snatching a ball to a Beijing exhibition. It received a high rating, and was described  as "a carpet as fine as silk, cool as ice, with exquisite designs, and superior technology". At the same time, the bamboo mat is fine, thin, smooth, long-wearing, resistant to carpet moths, and easy to fold. Wanghe's Bamboo Mat technology was listed as an item of provincial intangible cultural heritage in 2008.

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