Mulberry Paper
Category:Intangible Cultural Heritage

Mulberry paper, a kind of pale yellow handmade paper, made entirely from mulberry peel, is a famous type of traditional craftsmanship in Qianshan County. In ancient times, mulberry paper was used for fine paintings and  packaging, in addition to umbrellas, baskets, fuses, traditional Chinese medicine packages, and fans. The exquisite workmanship of the mulberry paper's fabric can be seen clearly, so the classical books of local government in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the period of the Republic were usually made using mulberry paper, which looks and feels very good.

The production process has more than 30 stepsand takes three months. The practice began in the Han Dynasty, and with a history of thousands of years,  is a "living fossil" of the paper industry. For thousands of years, it recorded the essence of the Chinese traditional paper-making process and was a window for people to understand the culture and history of paper. In 2007, the Qianshan Mulberry Paper production techniques were listed as National Intangible Cultural Heritage.


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