Doumu Pottery
Category:Intangible Cultural Heritage


Doumu Pottery is one of the traditional products of Qianshan County. The Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai expressed his appreciation for it in a poem.

The pottery has a long history, and Doumu Township is the birthplace of pottery handicrafts and a major producer with unique clay resources and industrious and talented folk artists. Doumu Pottery dates back to 6,000 years ago, with generations of artists studying hard, improving it carefully, and continuing to preserve its legacy. Doumu Township has thus been called "the hometown of pottery in the Southwest of Anhui Province." With the ancient name ''Yaotou'' meaning "kiln", it is on the edge of Xuejiagang cultural site,which is scattered with ancient kilns. Doumu Pottery has a complicated production process, including selecting delicate and pure yellow clay as raw materials and a total number of 14 steps, such as hand-washing, casting, drying, finishing, calendering, painting, sculpture among others, which lasts 25 days. There are more than 40 kinds of ceramic techniques, which combine financial practicality, ornamental art, and technology, and fully reflect the creativity of folk pottery craftsmanship. In 2008, the Doumu Pottery production process was listed as Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage.


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