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With the development of industrialization, rapid population growth, and improper lifestyles which have a negative impact on the environment, the climate is now deteriorating day after day. With more and more CO2 emissions, the ozone layer faces an unprecedented risk. Natural disaster is becoming more frequent, which threatens humanity’s living environment and health. In June 2007, the State Council issued National Programs on Coping with Climate Change. In 2016, China set a goal for 2030: CO₂ emissions are expected to peak by 2030, and ideally earlier. In addition, by 2030, CO₂ emissions per unit of GDP will decrease 60%-65% compared to 2005.

Low-carbon living is becoming popular.

What can we do in daily life to reduce CO2 emissions? A Low-carbon lifestyle encourages people to use less fossil fuel, save electricity and water, practice recycling, and take public transportation.


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