Living a Low-carbon Life(3)
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Low-Carbon Office

If one third of textbooks can be recycled, then we can reduce paper waste by 200 thousand tons save 260 thousand tons standard coal, and reduce CO2 emissions by 660 thousand tons. Printing on both sides can reduce costs as well as emissions. If this is applied to 10% of printers, then, we can reduce paper waste by 51 thousand tons paper, save 64 thousand tons standard coal and reduce CO2 emissions by 164 thousand tons. 


(1) Use computers and printers properly

Ø For short periods when you are not using the computer, enable SLEEP mode. By doing this, we can save 50% electricity.

Ø Replace CRT with LCD, and 50% electricity can be saved.

Ø Turn off programs, loudspeakers, and printers which are not in use

Ø Dim the screen

Ø Cut off printers’ electricity when they are not in use, then each printer can save 10 kilowatt hours of electricity and reduce CO2  by 10kg.


(2) Special tips for laptops

Ø Discharge the laptop’s electricity completely.

Ø Use as few external devices as possible

Ø Turn off devices and connectors not in use

Ø Turn off the screen saver.

Ø When using the battery, under WindowsXP, the CPU will lower its frequency automatically with Speedstep, which will save 40% energy.


(3) Use recycled paper

For every 1 ton of paper production, using raw material in paper production will cost 40% more energy than producing recycled paper. A piece of recycled paper can save 1.8g standard coal and reduce COemissions by 4.7g. If we replace 2% of paper with recycled paper, then we can save 452 thousand ton standard coal and reduce COemissions by 1164 thousand tons every year.


(4) Read e-books

Replace print books with e-books and e-mails with paper letters. Each e-mail can reduce CO2 emissions by 52.6g. If one third of the letters nationwide are replaced by e-mails, then we can save 39 thousand sheets of paper and 50 thousand standard coal and reduce 129 thousand CO2 emissions every year.



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