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Low-Carbon Transportation

Low-carbon transportation encourages people to choose less energy-consuming, less emission producing and less polluting ways of transportation, which have become increasingly popular in urban areas. Currently, major transportation in cities include: bus, subway and light rail. However, cycling is convenient, flexible, environmentally-friendly and comfortable, and it has already become an indispensable choice for short-time transportation. 22nd September is annual World “No Car ” Day.

Ø Low-carbon tourism

In contrast to traditional eco-tourism, current green-tourism emphasizes low carbon and shouldering greater responsibility for the environment. For example, if you take a flight of 2,000km, you will release 278kg CO2; if you use 100L oil driving a car, you will release 230kg CO2.

Prepare a bike in the boot if you travel by car on holidays. Change to bikes when it is convenient. By doing this, you can not only enjoy the beauty of nature, but also reduce CO2 emissions.


Ø  Low-carbon transportation

If each person walks or cycles 100km instead of driving, then they can save 9L oil; if each person takes a bus instead of driving, they can save 5/6 oil. If this is applied to 130 million private cars, then 2.17 billion litres of oil will be saved and CO2 emissions will be reduced by 4.99 thousand tons.

If you drive one day less every month, you can save about 44L oil and reduce CO2 emissions by 101kg every year. If this is applied to 130 million private cars, then we can save 5.72 billion litres of oil and reduce COemissions by 13.16 million tons every year.

Oil consumption will increase with gas displacement. Compared to a car with 2.0L gas displacement, a car with 13.L CO2 gas displacement can save 294L oil and reduce CO2 emissions by 676kg. If each of the 10 million cars can reduce their oil consumption by 0.1L, then, we can save 4.2L oil and reduce CO2 emissions by 966 thousand tons.



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