Tan-Lu fault zone created the magnificent Tianzhushan
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Tan-Lu fault is the main fault zone on the East-Asia continent. Over 2400km of it is within the Chinese border and has cut through different tectonic units of eastern China. It forms the boundary line between the UHP metamorphic belt of Dabie Mountain and the Qianshan Basin, which also divides the high mountain and basin in terms of landform. It has also played an important role in the folding back of the UHP metamorphic belt of Dabie Mountain and the formation of the magnificent granite landform in Tianzhu Mountain.

Do you know what a fault is?

The stratum may fracture under certain stress and if the rocks on either side of the fracture have moved past each other, it is called a fault. Fault on a large scale is referred to as a fault zone. The fault plane is where the rock breaks and moves. The rock above the fault plane is called the hanging wall, and the one beneath the fault plane is the footwall. According to their movements along fault planes, faults can be divided into normal faults, reverse faults and Strike-Split fault.

Normal fault: the hanging wall moves downward and footwall moves upward.

Reverse fault: hanging wall rises and the footwall descends.

Strike-split fault: rocks move horizontally along the fault plane.

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