What is ozonosphere hole?
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Ozonosphere is a place where the ozone concentration reaches its maximization in stratosphere. It is a protective layer for earth that can absorb most of the solar ultraviolet radiation and protect human beings and other living things from ultraviolet radiation. Atmospheric ozonosphere is the protective umbrella for all creatures on the earth.

The ozonosphere hole results from the great reduction of ozone concentration in stratosphere. The increasing depletion of ozone has great negative effects on human health:

(1) Higher risk of skin cancer: 1% of ozone reduction will increase the number of skin cancer patients by 4%-6%.

(2) Poorer eyesight and more cataract patients.

(3) Weaker immunity and increased patients with infectious diseases. What’s more, it also has a terrible impact on ecosystem.

In order to take joint actions to control, reduce and eliminate ozonosphere-consuming substances such as Freon, on January 23, 1995, the UN General Assembly adopted the resolution that made September16th the “International Ozone Layer Protection Day”.

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