Clinging Pines
Category:Introduction of Geosites

As one of the marvelous spectacles in Tianzhushan, pines breaking through the rocks display their tenacious vitality of “clinging to the mountain, never to surrender”. The roots of the pines worked their way into the crevices of rocks and with the growth of the roots, the fissures expanded; meanwhile, the humid acid covering the roots and acid given off by the roots was able to decompose rocks to further expand the fissures. Long term biological weathering has contributed to the spectacle of pines clinging to the cliff, presenting their strength and flexibility.

1. The rock near the Earth's surface with more fissures is strongly weathered, which provides a friendly environment for plants.

2. When a plant is small, its roots work its way into the fissures.

3. When a plant grows, its roots get bigger, which makes the fissures open up. 

4. Eventually, the rock is split by roots.

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