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Baimatan Rafting

RouteDowntown Qianshan —Shuihou Town—Baimatan Scenic Area 20km the whole journey

Baimatan Scenic Area is located in Shuihou Town, upstream of Qianhe River, where you can take part in special projects, including bamboo rafting, kayak rafting, riding, karting, barbecues, bonfires, dune buggy, bungee jumping, camping and eating special farm dishes. The bamboo rafting is famous in the Yangtze-and-Huai-River region and eastern China and is described as the “Number One Rafting of Mountain Tianzhu”.

Exploration of Grand Tianzhu Canyon

         RouteDowntown Qianshan—Tianzhushan Town—Tianzhu Canyon Scenic Area

The canyon is 4km in length with a drop of more than 200 meter. Inside the canyon, the mountains are grand, the stones are amazing, the valleys are deep, and the waterfalls in particular are magnificent. There are more than ten waterfalls from top to bottom, such as Longxian Waterfall, Zigzag Waterfall, Qunyi Waterfall, Tongtian Waterfall, Youlong Waterfall. It is now a national AAA Scenic Area.

Exploration and relaxation in the forest

        Route: Tianzhu Mountain—Longtan Village—Tafan Village—Guanzhuang Town

There are scenic spots along the way, like a tea house ( the Tianzhushan Martial Arts Institute for doing health-preserving exercise), the main peak scenic spot, Wanjianwanmu Bamboo Sea, Bancang Natural Reserve, and Zijinshan Forest Park.

The journey in search of traditional Chinese Zen Buddhism

         Route: Mountain Tianzhu—Mountain Sikong in Yuexi County –Mountain Shuangfeng in Huangmei County, Hubei province

Mountain Tianzhu, Mountain Sikong and Mountain Shuangfeng are named “the three mountains of Chinese Zen Buddhism” because the second, third, fourth and fifth Zen Buddhists used to preach here, making it an important birthplace of Zen Buddhism. It is a journey to experience Zen culture and increase your luck and wisdom. You can get a better understanding of history, and Buddhism, as well as exploring its origins.

Traditional cultural experience

          Route: Downtown Qianshan—Tianzhushan Town—Doumu Town—Wanghe Town—Downtown Taihu—Xiaoshi Town of Huanning County—Downtown Tongcheng—Downtown Anqing

You can explore the traditional colorful culture of the Anqing area along the way, including Wanguang Garden(traditional Anhui culture), spring-valley cultural garden(Zen and stone inscription culture), ancient Doumu pottery (intangible cultural heritage study base), Xuejiagang site(Neolithic culture),  5000 Year Museum,  The Peacock Flies To The Southeast Studio City,  Tongcheng Confucian Temple, and Huangmei Opera Museum.

Rural leisure and sightseeing

        Route: Tianzhushan Town—Huangpu Town—Shuihou Town—Yuantan Town

Many beautiful villages, such as Wan Town, Shanbaoxincun Village, Xudawu Village, Yanwo Village and so on, as well as green industry bases such as Wolong Ecological Park, Wanghu Park, Henshui Tea Base, Chachong Ecological Park, are located along tourist roads. It is a good place for agricultural sightseeing and leisure.

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