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Trichosanthes seed

The unique Qianshan pure natural green food is protected by “National Geographical Indications Products”. It tastes smooth, soft, crisp, and delicious.

Tianzhu Jianhao Tea

It is named after its sword-like flat shape. The tea leaves are green, even, and fine, while the tea is clear, fragrant, bitter-sweet in taste. It is known as “ Famous Chinese tea”. 

Tianzhu Crescent Tea

It is one of the famous teas of Tianzhushan. The leaves are fine, even and a little bit curly, like the crescent moon. It’s green in color, long-lasting in fragrance and pure and mild in taste.

Sticky Rice Wine

Glutinous rice from Tianzhushan is picked as the ingredient, and mixed with spring water. The wine has a strong fragrance, peculiar taste and is rich in nutrition. 

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