Tianzhushan Is Awarded As 2014 the Best Natural Landscape in China

Recently, China Traveler Conference was held in Lijiang, Yunnan province. Through the conference evaluation, Tianzhushan scenic area was awarded as one of ten 2014 Best Natural Landscapes in China.

China Traveler Conference was sponsored by Ctrip website,and it has been held 5 times since 2009. It is the only national large-scale tourist destination evaluation activity voted by net friends, with great objectivity and authority, which plays an active promotion role in enlarging net tourism and upgrading tourism brand influence.

With the development of internet and mobile internet, online travel agency has become a main channel for tourist sources, the experience and evaluation of tourists has become an important ruler to check the attraction of a tourism destination and service level. The annual evaluation of Ctrip website not only reflects the assessment of net friends to tourism destinations, but also provides reference for travelers.

2015 Work Summary of Tianzhushan Global Geopark
Pubdate:1/27/2016 WednesdayCategory:Geopark News

Tianzhushan Global Geopark joined in GGN in 2011. In 2015, according to the requirements of UNESCO and related documents of Ministry of Land and Resources, Tianzhushan Global Geopark elaborately compiled the work progress report and revalidation files, collected related materials, made the report film of the revalidation, improved science popularization system, made the scientific investigation trails for evaluators, strengthened publicity and smoothly passed the first revalidation of GGN. The work done in 2015 is summarized as follows:

Protection of geo-heritage and other resources

Tianzhushan geopark timely completed the protection project of geo-heritage and passed the final acceptance, compiled Tianzhushan National Geopark Planning, carried out the protection project of Paleocene mammalian fossil sites of Tianzhushan geopark, held international symposium on terrestrial Paleocene biota and Paleobiogeography with Chinese Academy of Sciences, made special researches, fossil excavation, fossil rehabilitation and the construction of geo-heritage data base, etc. Tianzhushan also strengthened the maintenance and management of geosites, employed and trained rangers, and upgraded the science popularization system. Tianzhushan obtained more than 40 million RMB subsidies from the national authority for the geo-heritage protection.

Scientific research and scientific education

Tianzhushan geopark attached great importance to the scientific research, cooperated with scientific research institutes and totally invested 600,000 RMB in the following researches: Tianzhushan organized 16 staffs in the fields of geology, forestry, tourism, culture and architecture to compile Science Popularization Guide Words of Tianzhushan; cooperated with Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology (IVPP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), the Geological Survey Institute of Anhui Province and China University of Geosciences (Beijing) to carry out special researches on Paleocene mammals and Palaeoenvironment, made international and domestic comparative researches on Paleocene mammalian fossils of Tianzhushan Global Geopark, the geo-heritage survey , data base construction and the interpretation system of Tianzhushan geopark. International symposium on terrestrial Paleocene biota and Paleobiogeography was successfully held in Tianzhushan in June.

Tianzhushan geopark listed the science popularization work as an important part which had realized normalization. The completed interpretation system let the soundless stone tell stories and scientific connotation penetrated into the picturesque landscape. Tianzhushan geopark held science popularization activity on World Earth Day in April, held signing activity with the theme of “Cherish the Earth, Protect the Environment”, which inspired students to love their homeland and protect the environment. Tianzhushan geopark cooperated with Huangshan geopark to hold science popularization exhibition in the geomuseum of Anhui Province in July, organized 60 university volunteers to provide service during the revalidation mission in August, organized primary and middle school students to make fossil models, strengthened cooperation with local students to popularize fossil sciences, compiled guide books, science popularization paintings, guide maps, leaflets (written in four languages), designed mascots, developed tourism crafts and upgraded geopark websites.

Community involvement, geotourism and promotion

Tianzhushan geopark promoted geotourism on TVs, newspapers, network and mobile phones, held prose contest, photography contest, climbing contest, painting and calligraphy exhibition, made use of official micro-blog and Wechat software to display the tourism development, actively participated in tourism fairs, continuously enlarged the brand influence, strengthened marketing, set up travel agencies and tourism buses. Tianzhushan geopark enhanced regional cooperation to jointly create international culture tourism demonstration area, signed agreements with a hundred travel agencies to promote marketing, and innovated tourism products.

Tianzhushan geopark held special training courses for staffs and guides, to increase their scientific knowledge and promote the explanation level.

The construction of entrance service area and the geo-museum is under way, and the protection project of Paleocene mammalian fossil sites has finished annual construction task. Tianzhushan geopark upgraded Chazhuang geo-museum, built Valley Stream Cultural Exhibition Hall and Dalongwo science popularization corner, newly built monitoring system for important geosites and the biodiversity protection project, approved by national development and reform committee, will step into the implementation stage.

Capacity-building, communication and cooperation

In 2015, 11 articles written by Tianzhushan geopark was adopted by Chinese national geoparks center, among which 9 were written in Chinese, and 2 in English.

Tianzhushan geopark successively attended the 4th APGN symposium held in Japan, 2015 Annual Meeting of Chinese Global Geoparks held in Cangshan Global Geopark, Dali, Yunnan Province, 2015 Application and Revalidation Seminar of Chinese Global geoparks held in Kunlunshan Global Geopark, Qinhai Province, 2015 Fossil Protection Forum held in Hohhot city, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, 2015 China International Mining Convention held in Tianjin city, and 2015 China Volcanic Geoparks Forum held in Yandangshan Global Geopark, Zhejiang Province, making exchanges and promotion during the meetings.

Tianzhushan geopark established sister geoparks with Central Catalonia Global Geopark, Spain, held science popularization exhibition of geoparks with Huangshan Global Geopark and displayed the videos and materials of Huangshan Global Geopark, Yandangshan Global Geopark, Jiuhuashan National Geopark, Naturtejo Global Geopark and Central Catalonia Global Geopark within Tianzhushan geopark.

Tianzhushan geopark redesigned and upgraded the Chinese and English websites of the geopark, timely updating the information and news.

Next work plan

1. To continue the protection work of geo-heritage, continue to employ and train rangers, strengthen publicity and daily management.

2. To establish closer cooperation with surrounding primary and secondary schools, enrich forms and contents, obtain greater effects of science popularization and bring more science popularization activities into communities.

3. To vigorously attend conferences of GGN, communication and common exhibition, promote geo-tourism and upgrade the management level.

4. To enhance the cooperation with museums and scientific research institutes and promote the scientific research work of Tianzhushan geopark.

5. To enhance the cooperation with family-run inns, hotel and other tourism enterprises, to promote the geo-tourism development.

6. To perfectly complete each work required by superior authorities.

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