Tianzhushan Is Awarded As 2014 the Best Natural Landscape in China

Recently, China Traveler Conference was held in Lijiang, Yunnan province. Through the conference evaluation, Tianzhushan scenic area was awarded as one of ten 2014 Best Natural Landscapes in China.

China Traveler Conference was sponsored by Ctrip website,and it has been held 5 times since 2009. It is the only national large-scale tourist destination evaluation activity voted by net friends, with great objectivity and authority, which plays an active promotion role in enlarging net tourism and upgrading tourism brand influence.

With the development of internet and mobile internet, online travel agency has become a main channel for tourist sources, the experience and evaluation of tourists has become an important ruler to check the attraction of a tourism destination and service level. The annual evaluation of Ctrip website not only reflects the assessment of net friends to tourism destinations, but also provides reference for travelers.

Tianzhushan Comprehensively Implements River Chief System And Forest Chief System to Protect Clear Water And Green Mountains
Pubdate:3/23/2018 FridayCategory:Geopark News

In recent years, Tianzhushan UNESCO Global Geopark firmly establishes the development concept “Clear Water And Green Mountains Are Gold and Silver Mountains” and comprehensively implements River Chief System and Forest Chief System. Main principals of the geopark administrative committee, towns and villages hold the posts of River Chief and Forest Chief, making each river, each mountain and each forest have a chief, and clear water and green mountains be fully protected.

“Two Chiefs System” Better Protects The Ecology. Since carrying out the “Two Chiefs System”, Tianzhushan has taken care of the ecology as its own life. All introduced projects must be assessed by environmental protection departments and comprehensively evaluated by professional institutes and experts. “One-vote Negation System” is carried out against pollution projects. Dozens of enterprises along Wanshui River and Qianshui River are closed. New models to improve rivers are being actively explored to realize the objective of ecological rivers through dyke strengthening, water storing, landscape engineering, fish protection and birds conservation.

“Two Chiefs System” Beautifies Landscape. Adhering to conservation priority and natural recovery, Tianzhushan converts cultivated land into forests and propels the conservation of water and soil, builds ecological shelter forests and water conservation forests and promotes the construction of important ecological projects. In 2017, Tianzhushan newly built 11,000mu forests and 11.9km-long forest belt and afforested 146mu villages, which upgraded the forest quality and improved the eco-environment to make the landscape more beautiful.

“Two Chiefs System” Benefits Villages. Tianzhushan mobilized the “Two Chiefs System” as a whole, increased the input of the beautiful countryside construction, undertook the summit talkfest of “Charming Villages in Beautiful China” and built more than 20 beautiful countryside demonstration sites. Two villages were awarded National Living Environment Example Prize, Huangpu Village was awarded as National Civilized Village and Shuihou Town was awarded as National Beautiful Livable Town. Tianzhushan accelerates development of organic, green and pollution-free agriculture and has currently built nearly 26mu standardized production bases of tea, sericulture, oil-tea camellia, trichosanthes kirilowii Maxim and forest-fruit, and established more than 20 famous and green branded products. Tianzhushan develops surrounding ecological tourism spots and creates a batch of ecological tourism areas (spots) integrating sightseeing, relaxation, summer resort, holiday and scientific investigation. In this year’s Spring Festival, rural-run inns received tourists 20% more than that of last year. Green economy boosts and opens a beneficial door for local community to shake off poverty and become prosperous.

To implement River Chief System and Forest Chief System is a specific action to carry out the important speech spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping and an inevitable requirement to implement five new development concepts to promote green development. Tianzhushan Geopark fully recognizes the significance of the implementation of Two Chiefs System, respects and protects nature, adheres to lawful management and green development, has the courage to innovate and works hard and conserves mountains, water, fields and lakes as a whole, to make the green mountains, clear water and fresh air everlasting in Tianzhushan UNESCO Global Geopark.

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